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Ava grew up in a haunted mansion, the envy of all her friends. But when her mother died in the house when Ava was thirteen, the mystery of Blackworth Mansion suddenly became personal. For years afterward, Ava suspected that her mother hadn’t just perished of natural causes; she had been murdered.

Now, seventeen years later, Ava returns to the haunted mansion to face her deepest fears—and uncover the truth of what happened to her mother. But Ava’s own demons aren’t far behind. There’s her estranged and vindictive father, a mentally unstable sister-in-law, and a strange girl who may or may not be haunting the grounds. Even Ava’s rekindled romance with her first crush may not be what it seems.

When Ava makes a terrifying discovery on the house’s property, she can no longer deny the ghostly power of Blackworth Mansion—and the secrets hiding within its walls. But some secrets are dangerous, even deadly . . . especially the ones left to roost in a haunted house.

“In this chilling thriller . . . the tension builds as Ava’s search for closure puts her in the sights of a killer. Marcott keeps the reader guessing to the very end. Gothic suspense fans won’t want to miss this one.”
Publishers Weekly (STARRED Review)

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