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Meet Lucy Frampton, wise-cracking, vintage-wearing, wife, mom, and kids' show animator, with a knack for stumbling across corpses. With a gorgeous neighbor found dead in her pool, her husband Suspect #1, and her home become a featured stop on the Celebrity Death Tour, Lucy sets out to restore her life to normal by solving the murder herself.

"An exhilaratingly smart and sassy character. Crackles with laugh-out-loud one-liners." 

Janet Evanovich, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

Originally published as The Dead Hollywood Moms Society.


Lucy's first love (now her daughter's nanny, but that's another story) has been brutally murdered, prompting her to investigate in a world of ruthless stage moms and privileged

kids—including some who might be actually willing to kill to get ahead.

"Smart and sardonic. Alive with zingers!" 
The New York Times.

"Another of Lindsay Maracotta's brilliant mysteries. A hugely enjoyable romp." 
The London Sunday Telegraph.

Originally published as Playing Dead.


When Lucy discovers a famous director murdered in a hotel bathroom, she turns sleuth once again to find out which of his three eccentric and potentially deadly ex-wives was the killer—or possibly become the next victim!

"Deliciously witty. The book takes off like a Gulfstream V-jet." 
The Los Angeles Times.

Originally published as The Dead Celeb.

Series updated and revised from the original "Dead Hollywood Moms" series. Now available as ebooks.

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